The Ribbon Gift Collection

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Ribbon Program Gifts

The Ribbon Gift Collection Is Awesome! Your friends/client gets a catalog of cool items in the mail - elegant envelope, heavy, glossy catalog, and they can order anything in it and shipped to them - FREE! You pick the theme of the catalog at a number of different price levels (from $30 to $1,000!) - all they do is go online and pick their gift!

Now think about it. The individual gets the excitement of getting this catalog of cool stuff in the mail, then they're told they can pick anything they want from it and it will be sent to them in days! They get want they want, they didn't have to go anywhere like with a traditional gift card, and you look like the coolest person on the planet! And you didn't spend and arm and a leg (unless you wanted too!).

This is awesome for so many applications, but particularly for our customers with weddings and corporate events! Check out the website via our catering manager, Ken Ross. Everything is backed with a money-back guarantee, however, we know first-hand this is a no brainer!

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